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The LoCal Kitchen

The LoCal Kitchen delivers healthy weekly meals to your doorstep. Their goal is to provide each customer a superior meal experience while saving you time. 

Each prepared meal at The Local Kitchen has a heaping helping of vegetables along with protein and starch leaving you satisfied after each meal and all you have to do is grab on your way to work or warm after a soccer game, whatever keeps you on the go, The LoCal kitchen is here to save you time so you can enjoy life.

​ Use the code HEALTHYMEALS

to receive a 20% discount on your first order

and then 12% off on each order after that using the code SLHF.

Just Strong Clothing

We are a lifestyle brand for strong women. Whether you are an experienced lifter, a new starter or have simply overcome great adversaries in your life, the JustStrong community are here to motivate and empower you.

Our apparel is perfect for bodybuilders, powerlifters, crossfitters, strong women and active women alike and is here to bring you confidence and support so that you can be the strongest version of yourself.

​ Use the code STRONGTEAM20

to receive a 20% discount on your order.


Plant based protein and superfood supplements. 

Lenny and Larrys

The Complete Cookie: 8G Fiber, 16g Protein, No Eggs, No Dairy, No Soy, Non GMO.

$10 off $50+ order, code: 10AMB50, $20 off $100+ order, code: 20AMB100, $40 off $200+ order, code: 40AMB200

Yix Bags

Awesome exercise bag that can carry your yoga mat!

TeaMi Blends

TEAMIBLENDS are THE tea company you see all over social media. Their loose tea vareties meet whatever specific health goals you are trying to achieve. 

Coach Vittoria recommends:

Try the 30 day detox teas or the ALIVE tea. The detox combines the skinny and colon teas to feel better from the inside. The Alive tea keeps you feeling energized without your second cup of coffee.

Use code SLHF for 10% off

Wild Zora

Try this healthy protein bar with no grain, no sugars, and no nitrates. Coach Vittoria loves the mediterranean lamb with spinach, rosemary, and turmeric. 


Fit Body 360 gets to know your goals, then gets the most accurate assessment of your health and wellness to help you achieve them.


Tell them SLHF sent you and get:

Combined Dexa Scan and Fit 3D imaging - $80

RMR Metabolic Analysis to measure daily caloric burn - $85

Bare Bones

Organic and Non-GMO bone broth prepared in small batches weekly and delivered right to your doorstep!

Fit Vine Wines

They crush grapes, you crush life!

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Place to Grow

Need an adjustment?

This downtown Rochester business is sure to help. 


1771 W. HAMLIN RD.


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