My Meal Prep Essentials

October 4, 2016


Meal prep…it is one my most loved and most dreaded parts of my day/week.  As a busy mom of two school aged children I think I have somewhat mastered our families meal prep process.  On the weekends I make sure to have enough food in the house to last until Friday…some weeks are easier to plan than others given my husbands travel schedule, what nights I teach class and where and when my kiddos have activities.  But I at least try and have an idea of what we are having for dinner and enough fruit, veggies and snacks for the daytime. 


I also make 100% sure these few things are done and ready to go by Sunday night  - breakfast egg cups, this ensures I have something to eat when I get home from the gym in the morning.  They are easy to grab and shovel down as my day starts going almost immediately when I return home.  I also grill up a bunch of chicken so that I can throw together a salad or other healthy lunch combination.


Throughout the week I use a variety of different containers to make our family meals and snacks more portable.  The containers also help me make sure that everyone is getting something from all the main food groups at each meal.  Whether they actually eat it or not is for another post.

The Easy Lunch Box containers are what I use for the kids you can find it here on Amazon. The containers are easy to wash and don’t hold stains from different foods.  Each one comes with a different colored lid which helps me desginate who the contianer goes to.



Sometimes when I need to create more compartments I use these small silicone cups.  They keep dip off crackers and berries from mixing with veggies. 



The kids also get excited when I make my own lunchables and cut their meat and cheese into cute little shapes using these cutters.  They are also great for cutting bread and other soft foods in circles.  



Another kitchen gadget I like to use to spice things up for the kids is this wavy food cutter. It is a fun tool that creates a pattern in sliced foods.  Holden and Nora love to have veggies and fruits cut in different shapes and sizes and this little cutter makes it a whole lot easier.

Tupperware also makes a smaller round conatianer which is great for snacks.  I often keep these in the car for after school pick ups or busy afternoons running errands.  



When dinner is served Holden and Nora usually choose have their meal plated on either a round or rectangular style plate. Both of which can be found on Amazon (round plates) or (rectangular plates)

Meal prep may be a daunting task but with a few simple tools and a postivite attitude you can ensure that you and your family are eating healthy meals throughout the day! 

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