Rock Blades

October 8, 2016


As humans, we sometimes complain about our muscles being tight or weak. But we do not always try to figure out why they are one or the other. At Starting Line, we want to find out why and then fix it! We are now offering RockBlades services, instrument-assisted manual therapy sessions (a very fancy way to say massage) to help improve muscle function and to help release pain. Many muscle and joint pains occur because of muscle imbalances. For example, if something is too “tight” in the front, something else is too “loose” in the back. The more pull the “tight” muscle causes, the “looser” the opposite one becomes. There are many types of massage we can use, deep tissue massage, sports massage, reflexology, or swelling massage, just to name a few. They all have different uses and will often be combined to provide maximum effect on a muscle. Muscles are organized in layers; some are deep, some are closer to the surface. However, they all have one thing in common, they are all covered in a layer of transparent sheath called fascia. Therefore, every time you get a massage, we try to mechanically manipulate muscles as well as their fascia, which is often referred to as “myofascial release”.


            When muscles are not used enough fluids surrounding them become more viscous, making the muscle more difficult to use. Think of honey and how when not disturbed, stays thick and gelatinous. When we manipulate it with RockBlades, we can stir it up and make it easier to move. Muscles with poor fluid movement are not effective at what they are meant to do… create movement. Once this “honey” sits in our muscles for too long, it will create so-called “muscle knots”, which are muscles that fused together and need to be deeply massaged to be released.


            However, muscles are only one factor of the imbalance equation. The nervous system is the other one. Every single muscle fiber in the body is connected to the brain. Every square inch of the skin is connected to the brain. The skin is connected to the muscles. With that being said, we can manipulate the brain and teach it what kind of changes we want to make to the muscles by stroking the skin with RockBlades. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it provides us with much of the information it needs to make decisions on how to move and situate the body relative to what is going on around it.


            We hear clients talking about tightness and pain all over their bodies and how nice it would be to get a massage. Well, you talked, we listened! Starting Line Health and Fitness now provides manual therapy services! Whether you need to decrease pain in a specific area, make a muscle more active, or make a muscle less active, we have the tools to do it!




1. Does it hurt?

Depending on the type of issue we are fixing it might. It also depends how sensitive the area is and on your pain tolerance. However, you will be asked how much pain you are experiencing as the different approaches require different levels of intensity.


2. My (fill in the blank) feels really tight, can you do something about it?

Yes, we can.


3. It is suitable for all age groups?

Yes, it is. All humans are made of the same soft-tissue networks!


4. I have had a surgery recently and the affected area is swollen, hurts, and/or can barely move. Can RockBlades help me?

If an operated site is closed, yes. If the operated site still has stitches in it, can still help reduce swelling work on range of motion, but we will try to stay away from the incision.


5. Do RockBlades help remove edema (liquid build-up) in body parts?

Yes, absolutely.


6. Is it dangerous?

No, we would never put a client’s health at risk.


7. Is it uncomfortable?

No it is not, please see question 1.


8. How do I sign up?

Please contact Coach Mario at for his availability.


9. How much does it cost?

Call for details - 248-844-3913


10. How long will a session last?

25-30 minutes.


11. What do I need to wear?

Preferably clothing that will allow access to the affected site.


12. Is it safe to get this done often?

Absolutely, however, preferably not every day as muscles might need some time between sessions to get adjusted to the changes we made. Some issues need to be worked on daily. For more information, please contact Coach Mario.


13. Is this the brand that makes the tape?

Yes. RockTape is a movement brand and they just came out with their own set of instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization tools (IASTM for short) to help people become superhuman.


14. Do you apply RockTape after you are massaging?

It depends on the issue we are working on.


15. Is it better to get it done after I just worked out?

Depends on the issue. Some issues need to be worked on without any exercise beforehand, but other issues should be done after exercising.

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