Getting Back in the GYM

October 11, 2016


Life happens. Whether its a busy work schedule, traveling, or sick kids, various circumstances are always conspiring to keep you from your health lifestyle. It is time to lace up your running shoes and put away the cider and doughnuts.


Get Moving

It doesn't mater if you spend an hour in the gym or spend a half an hour walking around the block, the key is to just get moving. Aim to find 30 minutes at a minimum to raise your heart rate.  Start small and work your way back into a workout routine that you can stick to.  



Drink LOTS of water.  We do not and will never suggest any other type of “detox” or “cleanse,” so water it is for us.  Being hydrated helps you feel as if the toxins are exiting your system, and this is usually the first thing that helps anyone feel better.


Get to the Store
Like we have said before, food prep is the way to go!  You know that if you don't plan out your meals and get to the store, then it will end up being another week with more meals out (and more money spent!).  Once you are at the store, fill your cart with rainbow colors — lots of greens, reds, yellows, etc.  Incorporating lots of fruits and veggies into your first week back will just help you feel better!


Get to Bed Early
This is so important for getting your sleep cycle back on track!  Even if it’s getting to bed 15 minutes earlier each night you are home until you are back to your normal bedtime, that will help.  Don’t forget making healthy choices and decisions is much easier when you are well rested and have the energy to think.


Don’t Obsess
Don’t beat yourself up about making some bad choices.  Focus on the future and move on.


Now that you know what to do...check out the schedule below and see if there is a way for us to help on your path back to fitness!

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