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Rock Blade - Tape Session

November 2, 2016



Want to improve mobility, decrease pain, and enhance recovery? Starting Line Health and Fitness is offering Rock Blade and Rock Tape services with Coach Mario.  


Here is a run down of how the process works:


Step 1 - Contact Coach Mario at and explain your issue. 


Step 2 - Meet with Coach Mario at the gym and he will do an assessment to diagnose the problem or find the cause of the problem/issue. 


Step 3 - Once the problem is identified Coach Mario will begin using the Rock Blade to preform treatment (scraping). Despite its somewhat aggressive appearance, the treatment is relatively gentle, yet very effective.



Step 4 - Re-assessment of the issue.  Do you need further treatments or Rock Tape at this time.  Some clients feel improvement from just the Rock Blade treatment and others need further assistance. 


Step 5 - If Coach Mario and the client decide that treatment would be enhanced with Rock Tape (most cases), the client then continues to work with Coach Mario.  


These are the steps for Rock Tape application:

  1. Clean the Skin

  2. Apply the tape

  3. Compare the final product to pre-Rock Tape treatment

  4. Tape should last anywhere between 3 and 5 days (average 4 days)

  5. Avoid direct sunlight and heat (blowdryers) - take the tape off if you are going to be in those situations. 

  6. If you have discomfort or anxiety take the tape off because the brain is responding to sensory overload (extremely rare occurrence). 


Step 6 - Homework - Coach Mario will give you a few things that you can do at home to increase your recovery.  


Step 7 - When will Coach Mario see you next - Follow UP!


Schedule your treatment & taping session soon!

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