Fad or Fact? Oil Pulling

January 9, 2017


Coconut oil pulling is the act of “swishing” coconut oil in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning prior to brushing your teeth. The supposed benefits are enormous for your dental health and overall wellbeing. Without much scientific data to support oil pulling, I thought I would give it a go on my own. 


The practicality behind oil pulling is that our mouths host tons of bacteria and toxins. The coconut oil acts as a “cleanser”, freeing the body of these bacterias and fungus before the immune system has to combat them. It is something celebrities and holistic professionals swear by. Coconut oil is full of healthy Omega-3 fats and a great natural source of vitamins A, K and E. Therefore, I decided that there was no harm in trying the process that’s been around forever in holistic practice, but is just now making onto the popular scene. 


Some of the benefits to oil pulling are:


Whiter Teeth

More Energy

Increased Immune System

Less Headaches

Helps with Hangover

Hormonal Balance 

Better Breath

Overall Healthier Dental hygiene 


The reason I started is because I felt a cold coming on. With a canker sore in my mouth and slightly runny nose, I figured the oil pulling wouldn’t hurt. One day later, I woke up feeling energized and my runny nose had gone away. Could have been coincidence? Yes. Could I have pulled out some the bacteria and helps support my immune system in fighting the cold virus? Also yes. 


So far I’ve been oil pulling for a little over a week. I have yet to make it the full 15 minutes. With an infant and a dog, our mornings are a bit hectic. The most I have yet to achieve is 5 full minutes of oil pulling. The texture is somewhat unpleasant. I find that melting the coconut oil first makes it somewhat more tolerable. I quickly learned not to spit it out in the sink. As your saliva and coconut oil come to room temperature, it can block your plumbing. Best to spit it out into a trash can or in your backyard. I have not been going long enough to see whiter teeth or less cavities, I would definitely say if you can tolerate the texture it’s worth giving a try. 





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