Prepare for Tryouts

February 8, 2017


It’s that time of the year! Lacrosse try outs are right around the corner! What have you been doing to prepare in the offseason? What can you do to prepare in the next month to get you ready for those tryouts?


Keep in mind all the things coaches’ look for and score you on during tryouts. Coaches really watch how well the athletes can play with their dominant and non dominant hand. Even if you aren’t confident with your non dominant hand, still try, it shows the coach you’re willing to put out effort and step out of comfort zone. This includes cradling, catching, passing, and shooting. They look at your defensive skill set, awareness of seeing ball and seeing man, being able to communicate to teammates, and foot work on the 8 meter. They are also looking at your attack skill set with seeing the open man, taking drives to the net when it’s open, dodging, and shot placement. Off ball movement, mid-field game play, and fifty-fifty are all also very important to a coach and something they watch heavily during tryouts.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind while prepping for the season


5 things to remember at tryouts:

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes - always think of the next play - don’t dwell on the mistake you made - just move on

  • Always give your best and treat every practice like it’s your last  - come early and stay late

  • Keep calm and stay relaxed - don’t over think it

  • Be the first kid to the line for any drill - try to stand out and impress

  • Have fun!


5 things to work on before tryouts:

  • Cradling/passing/catching with dominant and non dominant hands

  • Ground balls

  • Shot placement

  • Defense positioning and rules of the positioning

  • Foot work, including working on agility ladders - sprints/distance running 





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