Client Spotlight

November 25, 2016


Terri Goniwiecha


1. How long have you been a client with SLHF?

Since the beginning of time.  I am one of the original crew from the park (6+ years)?


2. What do you look forward to the most when coming to class?

The workouts are ALWAYS the BEST!!! I love the fact that if I have a health situation (old age syndrome) the staff is prepared to give me an alternative to my issue.  I appreciate the personalization of  the staff.  I’m not just a number that hands over a check.


3. What has been the most rewarding part of your SLHF experience?

I’ve been a dedicated workout out person my entire adult life but I’m still challenged every time I arrive at SLHF to be healthier and stronger.  I have to give a shout out to the relationships I’ve made over the years!  Not everyone can say their trainer is their friend that has gone above and beyond for me and my family!


4. What keeps you going/motivated? 

The desire to want to live life to its fullest!!!  I started my family later in life and I wake up every day telling myself “I need to keep up with them”.  I couldn’t begin to do that without my workout!!


5. What has been the hardest part of this journey? 

Recognizing that I’m getting older and I can’t do everything I used to be able to do at the same level and THAT'S OK!


6. What has been your favorite exercise and why? 

Wow that’s a tough one because I like so many!.  I guess my favorites would be any and all the ones to strengthen “The Core”.  I really feels these types of exercises are the most important compared to all others.


7. What advice can you offer others looking to start?

Stay focused on the Goal!!! It’s going to be a journey that turns into a way of life you will never regret.  Have someone you can count on to lift you up motivate and encourage!!!  It will be worth it!




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