How to get a better workout using the TRX

April 12, 2017

TRX suspension training gear can help you get more out of so many different exercises.

The dangling straps hanging in the gym are a multi-purpose piece of gym equipment that can instantly increase intensity and decrease balance, making you work harder.


Suspension training is a form of resistant strength training that uses extended ropes known as a “suspension trainer” to create resistance during bodyweight exercises.


By moving the centre of gravity, they are a great way of challenging yourself with your own bodyweight whilst developing muscular strength and core stability.


Balance Lunge

Muscle worked: Quads, gluteus and core

  • Position suspension trainer in the low position

  • Place one foot into the handle of a suspension trainer

  • Step forward with the other leg so they are both at right angles and your front knee aligns with your toes

  • Keep your back straight and core tight

  • Your back knee should float two inches off the floor

  • Push up off the front leg back to start position

Chest Press
Muscles worked: Chest, shoulders, triceps and core

  • Position suspension trainer in line with your hips

  • Extend your arms out, keeping your core tight and back straight

  • Lower chest towards the floor bringing the handles slightly outwards

  • Keeping your back straight and elbows slightly tucked, press yourself back up to start position. Exhale as you push up

Inverted Row

Muscles worked: Back, biceps and core

  • Position suspension trainer in high position (between elbow and shoulder height)

  • Extend your legs out straight in front keeping your hips up and core tight

  • With your arms extended, pull your body in towards your hands keeping your elbows slightly tucked. Exhale as you pull up

  • Slowly lower back down to the start position

Knee Tuck

Muscles worked: Abs and shoulders

  • Position suspension trainer in a low position (at ankle height)

  • Hook both feet into the handles and extend your body out into a plank position

  • Bring both knees in towards your chest, exhaling as you pull in

  • Slowly extend your legs back to the start position

Reverse Fly

Muscles worked: Back and core

  • Position suspension trainer in high position

  • Extend your arms out in front keeping your palms facing each other

  • Pull the handles away from each other, bringing your chest forward finishing in a T shape

  • Slowly bring your hands back in to centre and lower your body down to the start position


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