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February 3, 2017

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Rock Taping for the Summer

May 22, 2017




As the weather starts to warm up (finally!!!), more and more of us will be attracted to the outdoors. How can we blame you? It is beautiful out there! You should spend at least 10 minutes per day outdoor, for many obvious reasons (fresh air, vitamin D, exercise, chasing ice-cream trucks, whatever helps you sleep at night). However, as much as the summer outdoor activities draw us out of our shaded and air-conditioned homes, we tend to catch up for all the time lost over the colder months. The two best examples I can think of are running and golfing.


            Running is great. Our bodies are designed to run and move in a straight line with the help of our muscles. Go for a run, I am all for it! However, do not try to make up for the past six months in one week. Doing too much too early (especially after a recess) can cause small injuries, which can lead to bigger, chronic injuries. How many of the runners out there (I know you’re there!!!) have been suffering from a runner’s knee? Is it doing from too much too early? Is it from improper biomechanics? Is it from those old shoes you’ve had since 2014, but they have a sentimental value so you don’t want to get rid of them? Whatever the reason is, we can help right away. There is a very simple RockTape application for general and runner’s knee pain. You are in and out of the door. The fastest I have applied one of these was 60 seconds, and it in those 60 seconds the pain went from an 8 to a 4. Still skeptic? Well, find out for yourself. Because, why wouldn’t you want your pain to decrease? I would. Your bodies are designed to shut down physiological processes if one or more areas of the body are in danger.


Suffer from shin splints? We got you covered!


            Let’s talk golf. I golf a little bit myself. I love the silence, walking in the woods, and hitting balls really hard (and then looking for them in the woods…). But even the best of us get tired. When I first started golfing, I would go to the range, buy a couple of buckets of balls, and swing as hard as I could. Let’s just say that my lower back wasn’t happy the next day. Bending over for an hour almost constantly and rotating the upper body in transverse plane (science talk) with bad technique will cause a sore lower back. Of course, there is a difference between sore and injured. I was sore, but many professional golfers get overuse injuries. So are you saying that there is an application for lower back pain too? Oh yes, there is (there is an application for everything)!


“Well Mario, you see, my lower back is fine, because I actually know how to golf. However, I have golf/tennis elbow”. Did you say tennis elbow from playing golf? Yup. Anyway, we have a taping technique for golf/tennis elbow too!


I don’t want to spend too much time talking science today, it’s too nice outside for that. I just want to get the message out there that there are options for pain management. If you have a common or some kind of uncommon pain, I am sure I we can look into it and figure out a taping for it as well. However, RockTape can’t fix the issue which is most likely caused by improper biomechanics or lack of strength and conditioning. I definitely recommend kinesiology taping, since there is science proving that it actually affects the brain and therefore physiology. However, the tape will not make the pain and imbalance go away on its own. Tape is great for teaching the brain new tricks, Mobility, stability, and strength work will though. Mobility, stability, and strength work with the help of kinesiology tape will make this process even faster.



We are here to help you. Our coaches are trained in biomechanics of many sports. We don’t have to be good at a sport to understand how it works. All sports require muscles, muscles attach to bones, when a muscle contracts, it pulls on a bone, which will carry out a rotational movement about a joint. Sounds simple, right? Please, do not be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s as simple as applying a piece of tape, getting soft-tissue mobilization work done, getting stronger at SLHF or at home, or help with your sport’s technique. This is what SLHF is all about! Helping others and each other. 

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