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February 3, 2017

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Fall into Healthier Habits

September 27, 2017

Now that the Fall season is here and we have settled into a new routine it is time to focus on our health again.  
Goal setting is the first step to achieving success. The consequence of not setting goals will result in no clear plan for achievement or tracking progression.


There is a correct technique in setting goals accurately to set yourself up for success rather than failure. What is the best way to set accurate and effective goals? Listed below are some tips to assist you in setting realistic goals that are achievable!


Tips on setting yourself up for success:

  1. Set goals specific to your own motivations and parameters.

  2. Be specific about the goals. For example; if you want to lose weight, why and how much?

  3. Don’t compare your weight loss goals to historic weight loss ten years ago, look at the now and evaluate your achievable stepping stones.

  4. Have a clear plan of weekly workout routine.

  5. Set yourself up weekly for success as each day contributes to the week ahead.

Follow the SMART model to set realistic goal:


S: Creating a goal that is specific to what you want to achieve. For example, you want to lose 5 lbs, instead of I want to lose weight.

M: Make sure you can measure your progress towards attaining your final goal.

A: Identify the skills and attitudes you need to make that goal attainable.

R: You need to ensure the goal you set is realistic and you have the skills necessary to achieve the goal you set.

T: No goal is complete without putting an end date on when you need to achieve that goal by. It allows you to monitor your progress and keeps you on the path of attaining your goals.


So now that you know the most effective way of setting your goals, get pen to paper and start writing them down today.


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