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Evaluation and Introduction

Your journey begins with a detailed evaluation to determine goals and areas of improvement. This is a special time for the Coaches and athletes as we will establish a baseline, seek out areas of improvement and review expectations throughout the training process including the personalized warm up. The evaluation will target muscle imbalances, core strength, max strength, speed, agility and power. The combined format allows athletes to work against one another in a competitive setting.

Each session concludes with an introduction to the Starting Line dynamic warm up which is conducted prior to each training session.

Activation and Core

All training sessions are goal-oriented and begin with activation drills and core conditioning. Our activation drills are designed to correct muscle imbalances by stretching compacted muscles, relaxing dominant muscles and targeting lazy muscles for activity. Core conditioning goes way beyond abdominals…the core is a system of 29 muscles which serve as the catalyst for all movements within the body. Proper loading and firing of these critical muscles allows us to target complex moves during the strength routine as well as increase caloric burn during cardiovascular exercise.

Sports Speed:

Starting, Accelerating, Top End, Stopping and Change of Direction

We’ve been approached by hundreds of parents and athletes in pursuit of speed. While many trainers choose to focus on the development of top end speed, Starting Line Coaches break speed into five (5) stages and focus on them as they individually relate to the athlete. Top End speed is no doubt necessary for those who need straight line high velocity speed such as sprinters, however, it is rarely attained in most sports. We focus on a 5-10 foot bubble surrounding our athletes and enhance their speed within that area.


PHASE 1: Starting

This phase is all about understanding how angles and body position enhance massive bursts of power and energy. Block, three-point and falling starting positions will be properly developed and executed.

PHASE 2: Accelerating

The phase immediately following the first six (6) steps is where our athletes catch and/or pass their competitors. We teach the athlete proper form and technique to rapidly accelerate working to Top End speed if necessary.

PHASE 3: Top End

As mentioned above, this phase is unnecessarily abused by most trainers. Unless testing in combine or competing in a track meet, the average athlete rarely hits Top End speed as the ball is traveling in an unpredicted manner.

PHASE 4: Stopping

Sadly, this phase is generally over-looked as no one thinks of stopping when wishing to enhance their speed. Stopping is also the point when athletes are most likely to injure themselves as they have not conditioned for a rapid stop in action. Athletes who know how stop also know how to change direction and rapidly accelerate, thus enhancing their performance within that 5-10 foot bubble where most sports are played.

PHASE 5: Change of Direction

This is where the highlight reels are filmed, athletes making amazing plays by burning a competitor or defender. Starting Line athletes spend countless hours learning how to quickly change direction and accelerate rapidly.

Strength Conditioning

Strength training and hypertrophy (body building appearance) are not related. While the goal of a hypertrophy program is to build the largest muscles possible, it is not a realistic goal for most SLHF adult clients. True strength programs are designed to increase the total strength of the body allowing daily functions to be executed pain free. All strength programs developed by SLHF follow the standards of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Clients will accordingly progress through training cycles targeting stabilization, strength endurance, maximal strength development and power based on their goals.

Mobility for Athletes

Our proven system of stabilizing and enhancing the shoulder and hips has allowed Starting Line athletes to endure and prosper within their arena. Shoulder, hip and core drills are used to reduce injury, enhance strength and boost power.

Speed and Agility

Strength conditioning, sprint workouts and agility drills for athletes who want a competitive edge. Unlike most programs that purely focus on Top End Speed, we target the 5-10 bubble where most sports are played. Athletes learn how to Start, Accelerate, Stop and Change Direction to create an unstoppable force on the field. This class is ideal for soccer and lacrosse.

Athletic Strength and Power

Strength and explosivity for those in contact sports. Classes includes power lifting, sprint workouts and agility drills. Athletes will see an increase in overall strength while learning how to rapidly change direction. This class is ideal for volleyball, football, baseball and hockey.

Endurance Conditioning

Injury prevention, muscular endurance and lactic threshold training for distance runners of all ages. This class will be held in the evening and on the weekends to accommodate adults as well.

Youth Development

It’s time to get in the game with this introduction to conditioning. Class includes proper warm up, speed, agility, endurance and body-weight strength exercises. All participants will learn proper running technique in this program.


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